Sunday, 23 December 2012

Messy pup.....

Oh my! Lil Finn loves his food! Especially when it's in his eyes, ears, hair......


Friday, 7 December 2012

A bit of a plan.....

The plan is.........relax, remember what Christmas is truly about. (Not styling the perfect Chrissy feast or buying the 'I never realised this was missing from my life until now' perfect present for hubs.)
Keep it simple.
IGNORE constant barrage of marketing from M & S, Debenhams and their ilk. (I will not be frolicking in the snow in the perfect party frock, berry red lip and 4 inch heels, and I am okay with that.)
Try and leave the house every day. Even if it is peeing down/snowing/minus 20 degrees. Fresh air is good.
Do my best to restrain Max from opening all the windows on his advent calender straight away, try and teach patience by example (hard!!!)
Stop looking at Facebook pics of glamorous friends in sunny climes having a fabulous time. (Love you Nae!!!!)
Get some quality sleep.
Stop online shopping immediately, apart from Ocado obviously.
Don't forget to blog......