Monday, 30 April 2012

Where in the World....???

It feels like I have been away from my blog for ever!
Sorry about the lack of communicado. I thought I would be able to blog from my ipad, but I am either too dumb to work it out or it can't be done! Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I have got so much to share with y'all, so I will post over the next few weeks tales and pics from our amazing trip. We packed so much in and I have some awesome photos and pretty funny stories to share.
Currently we are in Hong Kong staying with our friends Holly & Sam. Feeling pretty whacked, but quietly pleased with myself as I managed the flight from Auckland on my own with Max and Finn and I am still alive/sane enough to tell the tale!

Here are a few photos of Holly & Sam's amazing apartment.......

An insane ribbon shop......

Out on da street.......

See you back in London soon!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Wild Child

Max has gone totally feral!
A combo of jet lag, easter eggs, wide open spaces and mini friends has turned him into a wild child!
Rolling down the sand hills, sand in mouth, nose and other 'ahem' places.

Definitely needing to jump in the pool to get clean!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paradise, found

We're here!

I don't even know quite where to start with this post.
I have spent the morning beside myself.
Finn has been awake since 11.30pm last night (so nearly 24 hours and counting!)
Max had a serious melt down last night and woke this morning at 4.30am.
The flights from London to NZ went pretty well. Apart from Max's power chuck all over Richard just after take off from Heathrow! Rich had decided to 'travel light' so only had a change of teeshirt. He spent the first leg in soaking wet jeans, smelling decidedly funky!
So today has been hard work. Jet lag is so tough on the kidlets.
Richard took Max to the beach yesterday and seeing these pics he took makes the whole thing worth while. It confirms to me, this is the place I want my boys to grow up.

And here's what was happening back at the house.....

Riding on the mower with Grandad Cardy.

Max meeting his cousins and having scooter races.

I am praying we all get through this jet lag soon and can really start to enjoy ourselves.

P.S. I met my sisters fiancee for the first time yesterday, he's lovely.

P.P.S. The bridesmaids dress fits!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Packing with Kids

Oh wow!
I am wiped out.
I have been packing for our New Zealand trip all week. Doing endless loads of washing. Checking and rechecking my lists one hundred times. I feel like I am becoming OCD!
Anyway, we leave tomorrow evening so only 24 hours left to panic then I can stop stressing, have a sneaky champers on the plane and hopefully the kids will sleeeeeeeeep. Please sleep!
Do you think the Jolie/Pitts have 100 people to pack all their stuff? They look pretty relaxed traveling with 6 kids. Angelina's expression is like - 'this is all so easy and fun ha ha'. What do you reckon?
Okay, that's my last post from ol' Blighty. See you Down Under! Eeeeeeeeccckkkk!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Every breast feeding Mum should read......

This post by 'Cup of Jo's' Joanna Goddard.
It's amazing as lately I have read about this issue on so many blogs.
It makes perfect sense to me now.
Having been through the experience myself, I feel it's so important to be informed and prepared.

This was me at my lowest point.

Having just arrived back in New Zealand. I was in such a low place. Not sleeping, not eating, barely functioning. I had lost 10 kilos of weight and even though people said I looked great, I felt hideous and weak.

I can now relate a lot of what happened to weaning Max, as it all started around that time.
I guess hormones have a lot to answer for!

I have never talked about what happened to me on this blog before. I actually started blogging as a kind of 'therapy'. That might sound weird but it helped me look beyond what was happening on the inside. It helped me to look around and feel part of a world bigger than what was going on in my head.

I can look back now and say, that was a terrible time, but I am okay that I went through it.
It made my relationship with Richard so much stronger as he was an amazing support and I will never ever forget that. (Thanks hun.)

It made me appreciate the simple things in life.

It made me appreciate what some people have to live with EVERYDAY of their lives.

It made me cherish my friends and family all the more.

I hope you click on the link above and read Joanna's post. It really spoke to me.