Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paradise, found

We're here!

I don't even know quite where to start with this post.
I have spent the morning beside myself.
Finn has been awake since 11.30pm last night (so nearly 24 hours and counting!)
Max had a serious melt down last night and woke this morning at 4.30am.
The flights from London to NZ went pretty well. Apart from Max's power chuck all over Richard just after take off from Heathrow! Rich had decided to 'travel light' so only had a change of teeshirt. He spent the first leg in soaking wet jeans, smelling decidedly funky!
So today has been hard work. Jet lag is so tough on the kidlets.
Richard took Max to the beach yesterday and seeing these pics he took makes the whole thing worth while. It confirms to me, this is the place I want my boys to grow up.

And here's what was happening back at the house.....

Riding on the mower with Grandad Cardy.

Max meeting his cousins and having scooter races.

I am praying we all get through this jet lag soon and can really start to enjoy ourselves.

P.S. I met my sisters fiancee for the first time yesterday, he's lovely.

P.P.S. The bridesmaids dress fits!



  1. Hello Jo!
    Wow! It looks wonderful!
    How exciting to be back to NZ with all your family.
    Wishing you an abundance of Easter Blessings ...

  2. YAY Jo you are here! Can't wait to see you babe :) xxx

  3. gorgeous photos of you and the boys :) you look soo happy darling. its looks too divine to not bring up your kids in NZ. remind me why I am staying in london??!
    have a wonderful trip and see you when you get back xxxx

  4. How could you not want your boys to grow up somewhere so gorgeous and surrounded by family?! I hope the jet lag eases and you guys have the best time ever. B x


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