Monday, 30 April 2012

Where in the World....???

It feels like I have been away from my blog for ever!
Sorry about the lack of communicado. I thought I would be able to blog from my ipad, but I am either too dumb to work it out or it can't be done! Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I have got so much to share with y'all, so I will post over the next few weeks tales and pics from our amazing trip. We packed so much in and I have some awesome photos and pretty funny stories to share.
Currently we are in Hong Kong staying with our friends Holly & Sam. Feeling pretty whacked, but quietly pleased with myself as I managed the flight from Auckland on my own with Max and Finn and I am still alive/sane enough to tell the tale!

Here are a few photos of Holly & Sam's amazing apartment.......

An insane ribbon shop......

Out on da street.......

See you back in London soon!



  1. Oh wow Jo, you have very cool friends judging by their apartment. Well done travelling with the boys on your own, I'm sure that's no mean feat. Enjoy the last of your trip
    Jo :)

  2. What a cool pad! Glad you've had fun on your trip. You haven't missed much..oh, except England is no here any more...just a very big puddle! Looking forward to more pics. Hugs, B x
    p.s I can't blog from my ipad either.x


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