Monday, 9 April 2012

Wild Child

Max has gone totally feral!
A combo of jet lag, easter eggs, wide open spaces and mini friends has turned him into a wild child!
Rolling down the sand hills, sand in mouth, nose and other 'ahem' places.

Definitely needing to jump in the pool to get clean!



  1. SO cute - He's just doing what small boys are supposed to do - getting down and dirty! The pool looks fabulous - if the end result of messy children equals a dip in that pool, I'd gladly be chucking muck all over my kids all day! x

  2. Go Max! From time to time we all have to go feral hey? Esp boys.... they need to release the beast inside and know that mum still loves em regardless.... My Max is 13 - over 6ft tall and wears size 14 shoes!! It's scary when he goes feral! Ten times the amount of dirt!! :-0


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