Thursday, 30 August 2012

Decorating with branches

I am desperate to get my hands on a branch or two. Something close to impossible in Londontown!
I have a wee handsaw stashed in the glovebox of the car just in case I spy a perfect specimen.
Naughty! Maybe I just need to be content drooling over these pics. Sigh.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Creeping on in....

Oh man! I can't believe it is nearly September already. It feels like summer hasn't even started yet. I have lived in the UK for 6 years and I have to say - Worst Summer Ever. I have only needed to water my garden about 3 times over the whole of summer. Normally I am out there watering morning and night. The sweetpeas Max and I planted haven't even flowered due to lack of sun. (I know how those sweetpeas feel!!!)
I have noticed a few things which have been freaking me out....
 Waking up to windows covered in dew, decidedly golden looking leaves on a few trees, and racks of Autumn fashion in the stores. Blah!
September is going to pass in a blur. My parents arrive from New Zealand tomorrow, Max turns 4 on Sunday and I am having my surgery next Tuesday. CRAZY!
Does anyone have any tips on making dinosaur cakes? Max has asked for a blue Ankylosaurus birthday cake. I had to google Ankylosaurus!


Monday, 27 August 2012

Combatting end of long weekend blues.....

....with gorgeous images of yummy interiors. It's helping me!

All images via Desire To Inspire.

Monday, 13 August 2012

What now? (Life after the Olympics)

We have come down to earth with a thud today. The Olympics is over, sniff. What now.......
Maybe we keep the dream alive with these Lego men (and women)?! These photos put the smile back on my dial, as did this brilliant song
This is Team GB for all my Kiwi lovelies.......



Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The magic number.....

How many kids do you hope to have?
An interesting question, and one that had me thinking after reading this post by Jo Goddard.
We have decide that 2 is our magic number.
I always thought I would have 3 kids. I am from a 3 kid family and so is hubs.
But, we have decide to draw a line in the sand........
It's hard because, as little Finn grows, I feel the pull to have another baby so much.
Finn has bought such sunshine into our lives and I can't imagine life without him!
When we only had Max I couldn't imagine how it must be trying to juggle 2 kids. But now I totally get how 3 or 4 kids would work.
It's a heart vs head dilemma!
Our decision is based on a number of reasons:
We are not getting any younger! If we had met 10 years earlier, I think we would have 3 kids by now. I am 37 and hubs is 40. We are TIRED.
My two pregnancies were HARD work. I was sick sick sick with both. I just can't go through it again.
My surgery, which is coming up in 3 weeks (eccckk!) If I were to fall pregnant again it's more than likely the hernia would reappear and Harley Street doctors do not come cheap!
So, to draw this very definitive line in the sand, we have decided hubs should get the snip! And today is his first appointment.
This way we can put the question to rest.
Two gorgeous boys.....who could ask for more?


Friday, 3 August 2012

Barbapapa's New House

Seeing these images took me back to my favourite childhood book, Barbapapa's New House!
Does any one else remember this awesome book?


You can buy old copies on Amazon for around £40. Wish Mum had kept mine!