Saturday, 31 December 2011

On the cusp

Standing on the cusp of what will quite possibly be a BRILLIANT year!

2012, I am ready to dive right in - new baby, my beloved sisters wedding, moving back home to NZ, new and exciting work opportunities.

My sis and me

Baby Cardiff - only 12 sleeps and you will be in my arms!!!

Oh yeah, bring it all on!
(Hey, that's not even mentioning London Olympics woopwoop, travel plans, fitness goals.....)

What's 2011 been like for you?

I think for many it has been a tough one.
I feel hugely for all the folk caught up in the Christchurch earthquakes and the Tsunami in Japan, these things really put your own troubles into perspective.

Here are a few cheery random pics from this year......

Huge thanks to my family and friends in NZ, Aus and London for all your love and support in 2011, I seriously couldn't have made it through without you!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

When the poop hits the fan

Dear readers,
Let me apologize in advance for the following lament.......
It's been a tough week.
Sickness has descended on our household.
Max topping the list with hideous cold, plus tummy bug. (It's all on, from every orifice!)
Me, second sickest with hideous cold and no (proper) drugs allowed plus feeling like I am being beaten up from the inside out. This bubba definitely wants OUT.
Richard has a medium dose of the above but he is trouping on. Cooking amazing soups and fresh bread for the infirm.

This is not exactly what we had in mind for our Christmas break.
But it is kind of sweet in a way. All stuck inside wiping each others noses and making lemon honey drinks.
A couple of years ago this kind of situation would have sent me into a spin. I think I have learnt a bit of patience over the years.
This too shall pass. This baby WILL come soon, we will get better. Max will be his perky, nutty self again.

Please may it be soon.


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Have a blessed Christmas.....

Our last UK Christmas, let it snow!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Around the town......Circa 2008!

Please excuse the fact that these photos are ummmmmm 3 years old!
I can't believe I did not post them at the time I took them. (Well to be fair I did not have a blog at the time!)
They are AMAZING images from the wonderful windows of Liberty's in London.

My dream was always to be a window dresser for Liberty's.
I guess this dream will remain unfulfilled now as we head back to NZ for good next year.
Our time in London has been so busy, what with having kids and building up Richard's business. And now my thoughts are turning to what our new life in NZ will be like and what we will do this space.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

HIT the White

So proud to see my brother's fabulous and lovely girlfriend Lucy's new store 'HIT the White'.
A pop up gallery/store/cafe in Wellington NZ.
Lucy Lucy! You AMAZE and inspire me.
For a limited time, get down to Manners St, all you Wellington peps, for edgy, fresh art and objet. Or try out their 'bedazzling booth', for sum serious bling in your life.
Click on the link above for more info.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Happenings in the House.....

Happenings, or lack there of!

Things are pretty quiet at present. It feels like we are in Christmas holiday mode already. Bunkering down at home, rarely venturing outside. It's kind of nice.

Richard bought this crazy Monkey print for the baby's room. I hope it doesn't scare the wee mite!
I keep walking into the baby's room and thinking something is missing, then I realise, oh yeah - the baby!
Not long now though folks 4.5 weeks and we will be a family of four, wow!

Max and I do daily baking of some kind or another.
Most of it normally ends up in the bin after Max has finished 'decorating'! Hehehehe!

I managed to get hold of the 'Concourse' cushion I was obsessing over. And discovered Andrew Martin sell the fabric by the metre. I am thinking to cover our ratty old sofa in it.

Christmas is only two weeks away, and I must say, it can't come quickly enough for me!
I am longing for 2012! New baby AND my sister's wedding in New Zealand in April.
Gotta make a plan to lose the 'baby weight' - I'm Matron of honour!