Saturday, 31 December 2011

On the cusp

Standing on the cusp of what will quite possibly be a BRILLIANT year!

2012, I am ready to dive right in - new baby, my beloved sisters wedding, moving back home to NZ, new and exciting work opportunities.

My sis and me

Baby Cardiff - only 12 sleeps and you will be in my arms!!!

Oh yeah, bring it all on!
(Hey, that's not even mentioning London Olympics woopwoop, travel plans, fitness goals.....)

What's 2011 been like for you?

I think for many it has been a tough one.
I feel hugely for all the folk caught up in the Christchurch earthquakes and the Tsunami in Japan, these things really put your own troubles into perspective.

Here are a few cheery random pics from this year......

Huge thanks to my family and friends in NZ, Aus and London for all your love and support in 2011, I seriously couldn't have made it through without you!



  1. Hej Jo

    Happy New Year 2012!
    Wishing you the best of everything!

  2. I just know this is going to be a fab year for you. I'm going to miss knowing you're somewhere out there, pottering around the flower market! It's a shame we didn't ever get a chance to get together. But I bet you can't wait to head home. Sorry we couldn't provide you with a white Christmas! Looking forward to those bubba pics - gotta get my baby fix where ever I can; darn my husband and his 'snippety-snip'! Hugs B x

  3. Dear B!
    You make me laugh hehehehehe! So cute! I will still be 'out there' in London until at least October 2012 so we might still get a chance to meet - who knows. Yeah, this weather is dumb. Bet it snows just when I want to get out and about again with my buggy.
    I am making my hubs get the snip, no more pregnancies for me please! I LOVE babies but the last 9 months have been sooooooo tough.
    Hope you are snuggly in your gorgeous cottage.
    Jo xxx


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