Wednesday, 28 December 2011

When the poop hits the fan

Dear readers,
Let me apologize in advance for the following lament.......
It's been a tough week.
Sickness has descended on our household.
Max topping the list with hideous cold, plus tummy bug. (It's all on, from every orifice!)
Me, second sickest with hideous cold and no (proper) drugs allowed plus feeling like I am being beaten up from the inside out. This bubba definitely wants OUT.
Richard has a medium dose of the above but he is trouping on. Cooking amazing soups and fresh bread for the infirm.

This is not exactly what we had in mind for our Christmas break.
But it is kind of sweet in a way. All stuck inside wiping each others noses and making lemon honey drinks.
A couple of years ago this kind of situation would have sent me into a spin. I think I have learnt a bit of patience over the years.
This too shall pass. This baby WILL come soon, we will get better. Max will be his perky, nutty self again.

Please may it be soon.



  1. Poor you and no snow! Hope your new year is much better. x

  2. Oh, so sorry for you and your sick ones. We had a couple of days this week feeling under the weather but certainly not as sick as you. Here's hoping health returns quickly.

  3. Thank you ladies. So kind! We are on the mend now, thankfully! Hope all is well with you and yours. xxx


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