Monday, 17 May 2010

My liddle beach cottage - how I miss you!

A couple of weeks before my husband and I got married we spotted a ruined wreck of a house in our favourite corner of the Kapiti Coast, NZ.
The auction was happening while we were honeymooning in Australia, so I sent my Dad along with strict instructions - one bid over £300K and that's it!
Well, obviously it was meant to be ours as we got the house, in all it's crumbling glory, for $301,000.
Coming back from our honeymoon we then launched into a two month reno project.
Hubs is a builder (handy) and I dabble in interior design, so obvious this was our idea of a really good time!
After months & months of really hard slog our liddle house was ready.
And we did have three fabulous weeks living in it before we upped sticks and moved to London.
Here is our cute beach cottage, can't wait to get back there one day!


  1. its SO great, can't wait to see it one day :)

    Did you ship ALL of that stuff back to London again?

  2. Yup! Back and forwards, back and forwards. We're crazy huh?

  3. back and forwards i love it - i miss and love it too - it's one of kind that pad....divine


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