Sunday, 11 December 2011

Happenings in the House.....

Happenings, or lack there of!

Things are pretty quiet at present. It feels like we are in Christmas holiday mode already. Bunkering down at home, rarely venturing outside. It's kind of nice.

Richard bought this crazy Monkey print for the baby's room. I hope it doesn't scare the wee mite!
I keep walking into the baby's room and thinking something is missing, then I realise, oh yeah - the baby!
Not long now though folks 4.5 weeks and we will be a family of four, wow!

Max and I do daily baking of some kind or another.
Most of it normally ends up in the bin after Max has finished 'decorating'! Hehehehe!

I managed to get hold of the 'Concourse' cushion I was obsessing over. And discovered Andrew Martin sell the fabric by the metre. I am thinking to cover our ratty old sofa in it.

Christmas is only two weeks away, and I must say, it can't come quickly enough for me!
I am longing for 2012! New baby AND my sister's wedding in New Zealand in April.
Gotta make a plan to lose the 'baby weight' - I'm Matron of honour!


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  1. Love that cushion. And can't wait to meet member #4. B x


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