Monday, 2 April 2012

Every breast feeding Mum should read......

This post by 'Cup of Jo's' Joanna Goddard.
It's amazing as lately I have read about this issue on so many blogs.
It makes perfect sense to me now.
Having been through the experience myself, I feel it's so important to be informed and prepared.

This was me at my lowest point.

Having just arrived back in New Zealand. I was in such a low place. Not sleeping, not eating, barely functioning. I had lost 10 kilos of weight and even though people said I looked great, I felt hideous and weak.

I can now relate a lot of what happened to weaning Max, as it all started around that time.
I guess hormones have a lot to answer for!

I have never talked about what happened to me on this blog before. I actually started blogging as a kind of 'therapy'. That might sound weird but it helped me look beyond what was happening on the inside. It helped me to look around and feel part of a world bigger than what was going on in my head.

I can look back now and say, that was a terrible time, but I am okay that I went through it.
It made my relationship with Richard so much stronger as he was an amazing support and I will never ever forget that. (Thanks hun.)

It made me appreciate the simple things in life.

It made me appreciate what some people have to live with EVERYDAY of their lives.

It made me cherish my friends and family all the more.

I hope you click on the link above and read Joanna's post. It really spoke to me.


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