Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Packing with Kids

Oh wow!
I am wiped out.
I have been packing for our New Zealand trip all week. Doing endless loads of washing. Checking and rechecking my lists one hundred times. I feel like I am becoming OCD!
Anyway, we leave tomorrow evening so only 24 hours left to panic then I can stop stressing, have a sneaky champers on the plane and hopefully the kids will sleeeeeeeeep. Please sleep!
Do you think the Jolie/Pitts have 100 people to pack all their stuff? They look pretty relaxed traveling with 6 kids. Angelina's expression is like - 'this is all so easy and fun ha ha'. What do you reckon?
Okay, that's my last post from ol' Blighty. See you Down Under! Eeeeeeeeccckkkk!



  1. Have a great trip - I love that moment when the journey starts - there is nothing you can do after that. Just get Max & Finn to put on their cutest faces & the airstaff will do all they can for you. Are you going AirNZ? They were the best when we were flying with babies x

  2. Thanks Karen. Flying Cathy. They are usually really good with the little ones too. xxx

  3. Oh wow Jo, hope the flight all went well. I bet you're pooped!
    I know you'll probably be away from your blog for a while but I just thought I'd let you know I've sent you a sunshine blog award for bringing some sunshine my way with your lovely blog. Here's the link http://thestripeddeckchair.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/you-are-my-sunshine-sunshine-blog-award.html
    Have a fantastic holiday; enjoy every minute
    Jo :)


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