Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Wedding

My sister Abby & Shaun married on the 13th of April at Brackenridge in The Wairarapa.
The previous day had been so cold, rainy and grey. The wedding day was beautiful, bathed in a golden glow of autumnal light.
Abby looked amazing.
The following are my favourite photographs from the day.
The photographer Renee really captured the attitude of the wedding, fun and fabulous.



  1. WOW what an amazing dress, she looks incredible!

  2. STUNNING with a Capital S - by the way I read that you like Sibella Court - she's my style idol too! I think it's so cool that we like similar things and I just LOVED your last post dedicated to Max. My Max (13 and nearly 6ft tall!) forgot a permission slip this morning (after insisting he had remembered ALL that he needed for the day) and I was of course called to save the day... reading your words reminded me of a time when my Max was just as crazy and how quickly time has flown. I teared up reading the last few lines.... I guess we ought to reap what we sow after all we did name our sons Max ... Where the Wild Things Are!! Xx

  3. This must be the 'Mum of Max convention'! My Max is (at almost 11) a really good boy, although he used to run me ragged! His sister Eva however...lets just say we don't call her Evil Eva for nothing! But I digress; how gorgeous was that wedding?! The dress is stunning, as is the the genes I guess ;O)
    It's good to have you back. Hugs, B x


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