Friday, 25 May 2012

French Dream

Some of you will know that I am a card carrying Francophile.
Obsessed from an early age with all things French.
I moved to Paris from NZ, on my own, not knowing a soul, about 7 years ago.
(Okay, so I only lasted in Paree for a couple of months, but by then my life had taken a curious turn. I had met my future husband and my heart wandered to London.)
I used to joke with Richard that I had moved to Paris to marry a tall, dark French man and ended up with a short, dark Kiwi!
So, seven years later, here we are in London. (Which is like living in NZ with a thousand times more traffic and people.)
And yet, my French dream is still alive.
And a few cute little 'Frenchie' things have happened lately.....
Max is doing a French class at nursery. So, as well as learning Spanish (from Dora the Explorer! He knows all his colours and numbers.) He can also speak a little French. 
The park we go to all the time is full of French children as the Ecole Francais is right across the road. It is seriously like being in a park in Paris. Chic little French children everywhere. J'adore!
And finally, we have a proper French family living next door! They are so lovely and are into BBQ's almost as much as we are. We can hear them over the fence, sitting outside and chatting away in French to each other. 
So even though I didn't end up living in Paris, maybe, just maybe I have found my little bit of Paris in London.


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