Friday, 4 February 2011

News from my funny little life

This week has flown by, which is actually fine by me!
We leave in the early hours of Sunday morning to go on our long anticipated ski holiday.
This is the ONLY holiday we have had all year (2010 I mean!), unless you count a couple of quick weekends in Paree.

Richard in his happy place

Hubs really deserves this break, he has worked like a slave this last year, but it has all been for a good cause as we have managed to pay off some of our mortgage (yay!) And we are trying to save to build another house in NZ (double yay!)

Sooooooo news of the week.....
I decided to try taking the side off Max's cot. He is getting close to being able to climb out. Plus I would love him to be able to get up in the morning by himself and climb into bed with us, instead of yelling 'Get up! Get up!' at the top of his voice from the cot.
He seemed pretty pleased with himself when I showed him the new arrangement and he demonstrated jumping on and off the mattress in his new snow boots, cool! (I thought.)
I left him to it and headed to the kitchen. Only minutes later hearing a bashing sound coming from his room. He had managed to pull the mattress off the base and yank the wooden slats (which are nailed down!!!) off the cot base. He was wielding these pieces of wood with nails sticking out like a Jedi knight. Eeeeeccckk my son is turning into manimal!

Mmmmm... he looks cute, but is actually 'Manimal'!

In other lovely husband DOES ACTUALLY READ my blog.
He saw my post on Aspen ski couture and look what he came home with for me....

New boooots!! Thanks honey.

How spoilt an I?!

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  1. VERY!
    Lovely boots jo ;-)
    Have a fab ski trip!
    Love peace enjoy


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