Thursday, 21 June 2012

This week in pictures.....

This week has been all about feeding. Feeding feeding feeding. Cooking, cleaning, feeding and more feeding.
Max has bronchitis, tonsillitis and bad hay fever, so he has been at home ALL week. No nursery for this kid. I have had a touch of the dreaded mastitis. Too many 'itis's' for one week! 
Poor Max, poor Mumma.
Hoping things get back on track as Max gets well. 
Looking at these pics reminds me how blessed I am to have two gorgeous boys. 
The hard work and tough days are all worth it......

Managed to get outside for the one fine day we have had this week!

Hope your week is a happy one.


  1. Jo! I feel for you precious one! You are an inspiration! Amazing mother and human being! xxxx

  2. Get better soon darlings! Love seeing Finn with his cup in hand YAY xx


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