Monday, 5 November 2012

Colour riot!

November is my most blurgh month. Every morning I wake up, roll over & rip open my curtain to check how many leaves are left on the tree across the road. I know when the last flaming orange leaf falls, that's it. At least three months of staring out at bricks and grey sky......
My husband, who is a cup half full type person, keeps chirping on about how it's only six weeks until the shortest day of the year, then summer is practically a breath away. Nice one Rich!
The antidote? Gorgeous glossy pics from around the web. Thank goodness it's summer time somewhere in the world!

Also, how great is this idea for a chalkboard calendar, painted straight on the wall. 
Every family should have one!



  1. I think January is far worse! By then the "novelty" of having a cosy cup of coffee on the sofa has worn off and Christmas has gone yet Spring still seems a million miles away... Great pics for a grey November day though - even if it's actually sunny today for a change ;-) xo

  2. Oh gosh Carole you are right! January is pretty bad but at least it's going the other way (getting lighter!) plus I am hoping for a holiday in the sun this Jan. xxx


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