Friday, 18 January 2013

Pinning down my style.

This time next year we will be embarking on our building projects back home in NZ.
It feels amazing to say that! It has been a long hard slog here in the UK, but the end (beginning?) is in sight!
I am collecting and collating images like crazy. 
Pinning down an interior style. 
I feel like I am at my best when given a challenging, limited space to work with. 
Making the best of a bad situation I guess!? 
So working from a blank slate is quite a thing.
I want my look to feel cosy, lived in, quirky, personal, warm, friendly and fun.
These images fit the bill....

(images via Desire to Inspire)



  1. They're all gorgeous images and you describe exactly how I like a home to be. Would love a huge and cosy sofa (pic 5) but unfortunately space is too limited in our humble London flat... Hope you're well, have a lovey weekend and stay warm. xo

  2. I love all the images you've selected! I dream about building new someday (my husband is an architect), but I don't envy you the task of making all those choices! I think a lot about having private spaces for each person and then open welcoming public spaces. I'll look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

  3. I swooned... really I did. Nothing does it for me like white floorboards and wood and natural fibres and earthy textures and a bit of industrial authenticity and well... pretty much everything you said... Xx

  4. oh wow
    new beginnings
    how exciting
    love your mood pics
    lucky you
    x ... ***


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