Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dive right in.....

I think I may be going slightly soft in the head - it's the heat I tell you!
All I can think about is jumping into an ice cold pool.
In the name of research (and maybe I am just trying to torture myself a little) here are a few gorgeous specimens.......

(source of photos unknown)


  1. you need to come to NZ it is FREEZING!!!!!

  2. Oh it's torturous...really hot here in Sweden too. No swimming pools in the forest, we just dive into the river. Is this research for your wonderful house your going to build back in NZ? BTW Thanks for the comment...I was surprised how neat my pile remained LOL! X
    Have a great Sunday x

  3. Oh that last one, surrounded by all that lovely shady greenery. Not that I have the remotest thoughts about jumping in to an ice cold pool - just walking outside is ice cold enough!


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