Monday, 10 October 2011

My heart sings!

I had the supreme pleasure of visiting the Fulham Palace Art Fair over the weekend.
I have always been of the opinion (and correct me if I am wrong!) that Fulham was devoid of anything artistic and fabulous, being primarily a suburb full of bankers and yummy mummies.

I know, I know! I shouldn't be so down on the place which has been my home for 5 years. But to be honest I have never felt 'at home' living in Fulham.

Now take me to Spitalfields or Shoreditch and I remember why London is a fab place to live.

Anyway, this rant is heading somewhere.....

The Fulham Palace Art Fair is an annual event held in the grounds of my local hang out!
So cool!
Fulham Palace is the BEST thing about Fulham. And the Art Fair is the BEST thing to happen to FP EVER.

Over 100 artists were showing work, but for me my heart was captured by one lovely lady, Charlotte Hardy.

Her work actually made me want to cry with it's beauty aaaahhhhhh so girly and gorgeous!
It caused an argument with hubby too. As he had the gall to say it was just 'okay'. (Men!!!)
They don't understand!

Charlotte herself was there, and you couldn't hope to meet a nicer person.

Here are a few of the pieces Charlotte was showing over the weekend.......

Yes, my heart sings!!!

Charlotte is having an open studio in Camberwell, 9th - 11th December. See her website for details.

So what do you think? Just 'okay' or super dooper fabbo???!!!!



  1. Aww, lovely! These look really nice. I have to admit that I don't really "hang out" in Fulham (shame I missed this weekend though) but since I work in Shoreditch I spend a lot of time there and really like the atmosphere. Have a good week xo

  2. Hej JO

    YES! I would have to agree with you, girly and gorgeous and super dooper fabbo!
    I LOVE the bike picture especially!
    Just going to check out her website now
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your Art

  3. men
    who'd have
    super dooper
    did you buy one


  4. wow i love her work. just been on her website! thanks for sharing!! x catie


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