Friday, 28 October 2011

Waddling my way into the third trimester.....

Spurred on by Hannah's amazing post over at Seeds & Stitches......

Thinking to myself 12 weeks and I get to meet my baby.
Thinking it's still 12 looooooooong weeks until I get to meet my baby, and can my body take much more of this???!!!

Obsessively looking at pregnant women carrying twins (like Rebecca at Girl's Gone Child Blog), and thinking - I am that size at 28 weeks too! Have the doctors made a mistake? Am I having twins? Did they get the dates wrong???!!!

Looking back at pics of me pregnant with Max and I go 'oh yeah, that's right, I get HUGE.'
Not sure why. We are both quite little people, Rich and I. Hobbit-like really. I think Max has the potential to be quite tall though, mmmm.......

32 weeks preggo with Max - Lycra is my friend!

Just had the last of my hospital appointments today, until the big day, the rest of my care is with my local GP. A much nicer place to go for sure.

I am starting to panic a bit about the actual birth. I had an emergency C-section with Max and I am all for having another (non emergency type of) C-section. But as far as I can tell they are going to make me try and do it the 'normal' way.

My worry is my scar which is already feeling very tender. When I laugh or sneeze - oowwwwwwww! It's sore! I am having to wear a support band to take the weight off it.
I guess I just need to fight my corner. If that is what I want then I need to get a bit stroppy about it. Will let you know how I go.

The baby's room is coming along really nicely though. Max has moved into the room down the hall. We had the unveiling and it seemed to go down well. Max appreciated the effort I put into the 'interior styling' - bless him! Rich put up the cot last night. I am starting to wash the mountain of tiny white clothes which have been in storage for the past 3 years. I can't believe how much stuff I bought for Max back then. I really don't need to buy a thing. (But it's hard not to!!!)

This morning I was looking for Max and found him back in his old room curled up in the baby's cot. Cute, but slightly disturbing (what if there was a baby in there!!!???)

Max is really getting the hang of the 'Big Brother' thing, and has already chosen the baby's name.

Apparently we are going to call him/her Jesus. ; )


P.S. Confessions of a terrible mother - I made Max climb under our car to get the car key which I dropped. It bounced and went right under the car and it was raining and I couldn't reach it with my bump and I made my three year old climb under our car to get it!! I feel much better getting that off my chest - thanks.


  1. Good luck with these last weeks! Love your confession about Max - the main reason I want kids is so I can train them to get the remote!

  2. I hear you!!!! Max is just coming to the age where he finds doing things for Mum fun. Long may it last!

  3. I love Max naming the baby "Jesus". That makes me smile hard.

    P.S. And I "use" my daughter on a daily basis to reach things that only a little hand can. Of course, the little hand often put it here in the first place.

  4. Yes, Deb! I keep suggesting other names but they just don't cut it as far as Max is concerned! xxx

  5. Hi there, I followed you here from a comment you left on seeds & stitches and am happy I did. I have laughed a couple of times just reading this post! Your little boy wanting to call the baby Jesus and your confession. Funny
    Jo :)


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