Sunday, 8 January 2012

Household obsessions

Oh wow! This week we become 4!
Please, please, please let this week go quickly.
I am ready to have my body back now.
I am climbing the walls with my lack of mobility.
Max has shingles (I know! Don't only 70 year old men get that???!!!!) So we have been stuck inside driving each other all CRAZY for weeks.
I just want to be able to walk/run/skip/bend/lift/breathe normally/sleep again.
Oh, scratch the sleep bit, as I will have a newborn, so no sleep for a while I am thinking.
Can I just say, my husband ROCKS! He has been amazing these last few weeks. Cooking, cleaning, looking after Max, letting me have afternoon naps.
So Richard's obsession right now is making bread and homemade soups - lucky me!
He pulled out a cracker mushroom soup for lunch today. Mmmmmmmmmmm!
Max's obsession is dinosaurs, specifically T-Rex. And the Octonauts.
My obsession is the washing basket. If there is anything in that basket, I am washing it!

Richard's mushroom soup and homemade bread.....

Homemade pizzas......

Max and the Octonauts.......

Not too sure if I will be checking in again before baby day. Looking forward to having more to say and share soon!



  1. The soup and bread look really good - lucky you!

    Wishing you all the very best for this week and I look forward to the pictures of your newest addition.

    Bisous xo

  2. I am incredibly envious that your time is up - I still have eleven weeks to go! Our boy is also obsessed with Octonauts (and Fireman Sam!), but I'm sad to say the only person making the soup in our house is me! What a star your husband is, can't wait to read all about baby day!

  3. I wish my husband made soup! I'm sooo excited to 'meet' new baby! Best of luck ;0)
    See you on the other side. B x


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