Friday, 20 January 2012

In the Nursery + Mama bling

It has been exactly a week, almost to the minute, since our lil man Finn was born.
Richard and I are planning to celebrate with a nice home cooked dinner and cracking open our special Swarovski encrusted bottle of Moet, which we picked up from the House of Moet & Chandon a couple of years ago.
Finn is such a good baby. I can't get over it. He is peaceful and smiley and just such a joy.
He is also a super dooper feeder and has already gained weight. (Unusual as normally babes lose weight in the first week.)
Here is a little peak into the nursery........

granny knits

My boy chilling out

Feeding (frenzy) chair

Treaties for Mummy

This says it all



  1. Glad Finn is being a dream baby! Hope it carries on for you! I love the newborn stage, the cute little snuffly noises.....ahhhhh

  2. Love Mama's presents - both the one from Tiffany and the one from the stork ;O)
    Glad he's being a good boy for you - he's a bundle of loveliness. B x

  3. What a gorgeous little boy. Am totally biased as I have a little Finn - now 8 - who is also a gorgeous boy. He looks a complete delight. Also loving the Tiffany gift AND granny's knits. Congrats to you, enjoy these early days x

  4. Oh my goodness- he looks truly gorgeous- and I'm not just saying that! Huge congratulations.

    Also love the story of making max get your car key- cant wait to do stuff like that! was he upset that you didn't call Finn Jesus?!

  5. He for some reason started to call Finn Red Feather???!! Weird! Think it is from some book he has read. But now if anyone calls him anything but Finn they get told off. What a great big brother!


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