Monday, 9 July 2012

Paris is always a good idea (part one)

I have just spent a fabulous weekend in Paris. It was a very last minute thing, (my husband being the fantastic human being he is, encouraged me to go by myself and let my hair down!) So armed with a breast pump and some semi decent outfits, I boarded the Eurostar. Half excited, half stressed about leaving bebe Finn for the first time.....
It was cool, but kind of weird having all this time to myself. I met up with a couple of friends here and there which was brilliant. I watched a movie in my hotel room and ordered up room service. I had a loooooong bath. I bought four pairs of shoes and around 50 euros worth of macaroons!
Audrey Hepburn once said 'Paris is always a good idea', and she was right. 
I have been to Paris A LOT. And I have had really awesome times and really horrible times there.
It got me thinking, if I were to write a guide book about the place, what would be my top suggestions?
Not exactly a 'where to go and what to see' type book, more like a how to 'survive and thrive'. 

Firstly, the bad stuff:
1. Do not go to Paris if you feel like a relaxing time. It's not really a place to relax and decompress. It's busy, it's crazy, it's fast, it's challenging in every way.
2. Do not go to Paris by yourself if you are feeling lonely. It will only make you feel worse, as you will be surrounded by heart breaking beauty and will have no one to wipe away your tears.
3. Do not go to Paris expecting to find your true path in life, or to find what you have been missing. Paris is like a gorgeous, frustrating, high maintenance friend who makes you feel slightly bad about yourself, but who you just can't live without. So be prepared for some heartache.
4. Do not think your antipodean charms will get you far, they won't. Parisians have just one agenda - their own. Flip flops and big smiles go down like lead balloons.
5. Every item of clothing that you have packed in your suitcase will end up looking chunky and brash next to le Parisian. Your footwear especially will be subjected to scornful glances, so be prepared. Simple silhouettes are best and 'proper' shoes a must.  
6. Be prepared to be hungry a lot (and/or bloated!) It's true. Eating in Paris is very bizzare. It can be the most amazing experience a la Le Comptoir or just terrible terrible terrible. Basically, you will eat a lot of bread, ham, cheese, butter, tough slabs of beaten flat steak and buckets full of chopped lettuce. The best thing to do regarding food is to plan your eating itinerary in advance. Get some recommendations and book a table (but don't be late!) 
7. Paris is a tough nut to crack. The best way to see it is from the inside, so find yourself a true blue Parisian BFF and borrow their life for a few days.

But before you cancel your up and coming trip to the city of lights, stayed tuned. Things get better (much better!) The 'good stuff' will follow soon.......


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, you so need to write a Paree guide book! So pleased you had a wonderful and what sounds like a relaxing time - YAY YOU :) xxx


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