Saturday, 28 July 2012

This week in photos & words

Crazy amazing busy week in Londontown.
Sunday saw me & my friend Brenda checking out the V & A Museums British Design Exhibition. It's well worth a peek.

My fav part of the day was definitely luxuriating in the stunning English summer weather at the V & A's internal courtyard complete with paddling pool.
Just all kinds of fab!

Our new nanny started and she is fantastic. Max and Finn are really taken with her.
I am trying to wean myself off my children, but it is proving absolutely impossible! I think I am addicted to them!!!!
The first day our lovely nanny started I headed out to do a bit of shopping and ended up in the toilets of Peter Jones bawling because I missed Finn so much!
Mothers - am I mental? What do I do? Is this normal? I know I need a bit of me time, but when I get it, all I want to do is be back with my kids. Sigh.
I am hoping it will get easier.
Friday was treat day for me. I spent 3 hours in the hair chair and I feel like a new woman. I have a blond choppy bob and I love it.

This weekend is all about the Olympics. Today my friend Vanya and I were lucky enough to have tickets to see the Mens Gymnastics and tomorrow Richard and I get to go to the diving.

As you can see I was pretty excited.

We also took the Thames Clipper from the North Greenwich Arena to Embankment. Such a great way to see London.

In other news......Finn has two new teeth and is crawling.

Max did about 10,023 paintings and drawings......

......and one of them actually looks like Finn! So cool!



  1. Max's expression cracked me up! Mummy time will get easier with time! In fact it'll be a MUST! :-)


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