Monday, 22 October 2012

Farr out!

Fabric obsession alert!!! I've love it every since I spied it in London's Haymarket Hotel (as seen below).
Christopher Farr's 'Carnival' fabric is quite simply perfect.
I am putting my order in for a roll of the stuff and will use it for cushions, curtains, covers etc in our new place. 
What do you think? 



  1. That fabric is beautiful! Colourful without being garish or overpowering and I do like the combination of muted parts combined with the brighter bits. Make sure you post the results!!! :-) Hope you're well and healing (yes, I read back a bit, sounded all very scary), have a great week xo

  2. Lovely fabric... quite beachy. I couldn't imagine ever buying a whole roll of fabric, I'm far too fickle to ever settle on just one. Yours was a good pick. x

  3. Gorgeous! I'm also a mahoosive fan of Sibella Court. Her new book Bowerbird is just .... sigh.... sigh... (Hubby bought it for me from The Book Depository) I'm in heaven.... :-)


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