Tuesday, 29 June 2010

For the love of a rug

Last year as a very, very special treat Richard bought me this rug (above).
It is 'Flag' by Vivienne Westwood from the Rug Company.
How spoily!
I am a flag freak, and I especially love the Union Jack.
We have decided to hang it as 'art' in the home we are going to build in New Zealand.
I am keeping it hidden away so Max doesn't destroy it with marmite sandwiches and juice!

Here are my top 15 'rug crushes'.......

Squiggle Blue - Vivienne Westwood

Squiggle Orange - Vivienne Westwood

Candy Flower - Marni

Sellarsbrook Yellow - Suzanne Sharp

Passionflower - Paul Smith

Blanket - Suzanne Sharp

Overleaf Yellow - Marni

Navaho Blue - Alexandra Champalimaud

Key Turquoise - Suzanne Sharp

Persian Rose Garden - Megan Park

Magnolia Black - Vivienne Westwood

Moses Mocha - Suzanne Sharp

Door - Committee

Homegrown Blue - Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Anemone Cocoa - Marni

All images The Rug Company.

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  1. STOP IT YOUR MAKING ME DRIBBLE!!!!!!! I WANT EVERY RUG and I'M SO JEL OF YOUR UNION JACK WESTWOOD wow lucky duck!! S Sharp and V Westwood Rugs - WOW.....love your work xx


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