Thursday, 24 June 2010

Out & about & around

It's Thursday, and what a week it has been so far.
We are settling into our new routine, with Max going off to nursery Mondays & Wednesdays & me easing into more work.
Thursdays are now officially 'date days' for me & Max. We will go to our fav cafe, Tinto, for cupcakes and then to the park. Just me and my boy.
Here are a few pics from todays wanderings....

A sweet little scooter.

Cupcakes, our Thursday ritual.

I heart a bike with a basket!

London skies.

Posting the bills.


Max looooves to slide.


A peaceful scene.

A lost sunhat. xxx


  1. How Sweet!
    Cup cakes and cuddles with your little man.
    Special Times.
    Oh Happy Days...
    (Wish I could have mine small again...just for a day or two... make the most of him before you know it they are all grown-up in a blink of an eye)
    Julie x

  2. I love cupcake and park day esp in the london summer - perfection x

  3. fabulous pictures, love it. Looks like summer has come to London YAY, its v cold and SO wet here..... The basket on the bike is so funny, its from Ikea, i use to have those, now M-a has them



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