Thursday, 17 June 2010

Separation angst

Dear Reader,
Today I am in need of a pep talk.
A couple of weeks ago after a really full on day with Max, I decided the time had come for my little man to experience the joys of nursery school.
Don't get me wrong, I love having him around. He makes me laugh all day long.
BUT, as we are living in London with no Grandmas or Grandpas or sisters to take Max off my hands for a few hours here and there, it is a necessity for my sanity to have some time out.
So Max is going to go to nursery Monday & Wednesday mornings.
Today is the second trial day and I am dreading it!
He didn't handle the first trial well at all, neither did I!
When I tried to leave him with the very capable and lovely careworkers, his screams could be heard all over Fulham.
So my worry is, as of Monday, he is on his own. How will I leave him if he is so upset?
I need an action plan, I need advice, I need help!
Dear reader, how do I deal with this?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hello darling one

    Sounds full on!! You deserve some time on your own, v proud of you so don't feel guiltily. I don't have kids, so I sure am no expert. What about stayin with him for the first few days, then ease out; perhaps after him staying with you there after a few days he might start bonding with the carers so you can back away slowly?

    Good luck lovely

    Thinking of you and sending you lots a love xxxx

  2. hello how is max now? my sisters boy was like that at nursery. they live in putney if you like you could phone her and ask?


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