Thursday, 5 August 2010

How to...make a pinboard!

For this very fun project you need:

A square or oblong piece of MDF (12mm thick is good).
A piece of heavy-ish weight fabric 20cm longer and 20cm wider than your board, cotton duck or canvas works well.
Approximately 8 metres of cotton ribbon or tape.
A box of thumb tacks
A staple gun
A ruler
A small hammer or mallet

To begin, place your board on top of your piece of fabric.
Wrap the edges of the fabric tightly around the board and secure with your staple gun.

Once your board is covered with your fabric, work out the positioning of your ribbon.
I like to start in the middle of the board and work out.

45 degree angle is best and you also need to measure equal space between each ribbon.
The ribbon should be quite taut and secured on the back of the board with your staple gun.
Once you begin to lay out your ribbon cross ways over the ribbon you have already secured in place, you can begin to hammer in your tacks.
If you are planning to secure your pin board onto the wall, you don't need to worry too much about how the back looks. Otherwise, you can cut a piece of fabric and staple onto the back so as to cover the edges of the ribbon etc.
These boards are very versatile. You can use them for inspiration boards, photos, shopping lists, business cards and so much more!
Hope you give it a go!


  1. hEJ JO

    Your very clever...they have always looked too complicated for me to make...may just give it a have inspired me!
    LOOOVE the CK London fabric
    Have a great weekend
    Julie x

  2. i want to sell these in the shop! Come back to NZ darling and make fabulous things for me!!!! ;)

    Love ya work xxx

  3. Okay Vanya! It's a deal, can you wait until 2012 for me? Hehehehehe!

  4. only cause it's you :)

    Love ya darling

    Sods law I'll probably be back in London then, but that's ok, H&G will still be there xx


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