Monday, 16 August 2010

A morning in Notting Hill

Today I spent a lovely morning wandering the streets of Notting Hill with my friend Penny.
Penny is in week 35 of pregnancy and is blooming gorgeous!
After a fabulous coffee and croissant stop we made our way to Pedlars store just off Portobello Road.
As you know I am a BIG Pedlars fan, so this was a real treat.

My top picks from Pedlars are:

This stunning canvas bell tent.....

These french apple crates......

These beautiful 1930's seltzer bottles.....

And STRING!!!!
Yup, I came away from Pedlars with a lovely spool of their finest string.
A very happy customer!


  1. OMG the bottles I adore - wow purple! WOW! Notting Hill - when I come over.....and I will you will have to make a list Joski of places we MUST hit and this is ONE of them!! Love you x


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