Monday, 9 August 2010

In sickness and in health.....

Is there anything sadder than when your baby is sick?!
Poor Max had a nasty tummy bug earlier in the week and the husband and I had it over the weekend too.
I don't think we looked as cute as Max (below) when we had our heads over that bucket!!!



  1. oh I know isn't it just horrible when children, especially babies are unwell...even now, as big as mine are...I have to have mine next to me in bed...and I lay awake ALL night watching them.
    I hope Max is soon back to normal. Wish you well too.
    Kram Julie x

  2. oh babe he looks so down in dumps! Bless him and his cute sick self! You've had a rough week of it aye - hope your all on the mend....much love and many hugs x


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