Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Looking back.....

What a year.
Ups & downs.

Looking back at photos of the last 12 months, I can't believe what we have managed to pack in. So I thought I would share with you all, the year that was!

December, the start of the big freeze. Max and me at Borough market.
The cemetery across the road from our flat, frozen but lovely......

Fast forward to January & February.
I am in New Zealand with Max. I have 6 weeks there with my family, then Richard joins us.
The highlight was Holly and Sam's wedding in central Otago.......

Early March, we head back to London via Hong Kong and spend a few days with friends.....

March. Happy to be back in London and settling into our new flat......

April. Max's table manners still haven't improved.....

And we are given tickets to the Polo at Hurlingham park.

May. Max starts at nursery 2 mornings a week. Separation anxiety on both sides!

June. Happy days. Summer is here. Max and I spend our days in our tiny garden.

July. High Summer. London summers are the BEST!
Max gets his first taste of candy floss.....

I get stuck into my sewing and set up an online web shop on Folksy....

August. We discover the joys of Barnes and make a visit to the Barnes farmers market our weekly treat.

We had a divine trip to Paris.....

Max had his first kiss in the city of love....

September. My little boy turns two!

October. The shadows are getting longer. Autumn is here.....

Max goes to his friend Judes party as a grumpy pirate....

November. Here we are again. Leaves on the ground. Weather cold and getting colder.
My hubs has his 39th birthday tomorrow!

In conclusion - Life is beautiful!


  1. Hej Jo

    What a lovely post.
    You are truely blessed.
    Thank you for sharing ;-)
    AND SOON it will be Christmas YAY!!!
    Just a gentle reminder lol!
    Don't forget TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINTER WINDOW starts next week for the next 4 weeks...
    Hope you can play along my friend
    Have a wonderful week ahead

  2. A lovely post, looking back at the year...I can't even begin to list everything that has happened this year, mad really. Love from South of the River xo

  3. Hej Jo

    Fantastic! Look forward to seeing your winter/christmas view.
    Glad you like the stars.
    I'll give you a clue...
    Big Swedish Store

  4. What a fantastic year you have had !!!! :-D

    Gosh, its so nice just to take a second to actually think back month by month and chart all the great things that happen :-) Must get round to this at some point!! :-)

  5. Life sure is beautiful and to be treasured ha! You are very blessed my love with your gorgeous family...love you millions x

  6. you have been busy little beavers, lots of great experiences :)

    is it snowing in London? Settling or melting?



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