Friday, 19 November 2010

Swinging & snow.....

I seem to be in a blogging desert right now.

Maybe because I see a lot more beauty in summer and am finding it hard to be inspired.
Maybe because my life is a little bit ho hum just at the minute.
Maybe because it's an 'inbetweeny' time of the year.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of Max at the park.
(When in doubt employ a child model, the cuteness factor works everytime!)

I am really looking forward to Christmas. I am very excited as my parents arrive in 2 weeks. Once they are here we will be hitting the shops and the Christmas markets and will start planning what we are going to do for the 'big day'.

Can you believe we are ordering our turkey this weekend! Woah!

By the way, look what was in my garden today........

Early snowfall in Fulham???
I've been defrosting my freezer!
See I told you, I have such an exciting life right now!



  1. I hear ya babe, finding it v hard to keep endless inspiration going, plus h&g blog and the shop, never enough time - I'm married to the shop!

    Hope you are feeling a little perkier after all your great b'day pressies :) xxxx

  2. Oh, your life sounds just as exciting as mine! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels a bit ho-hum but stressed with all the stuff to do at the same time... You're right, cute child always makes up for it though ;-) Have a great week, Love from South of the River x


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