Friday, 12 November 2010

My beautiful sister

I was just thinking today how blessed I am to have such a fantastic family.
People who I actually LOVE spending time with. Who I desperately miss.
Who make me feel like I can do anything, cos they have got my back!

This is my sister Abby........

Isn't she gorgeous? (The one on the left, the one on the right just looks dodgy!)

We are 7 years apart, but I feel like we could be twins, apart from my wrinkles and 'old skin'.
I say that because we are so on the same wavelength. We think in the same crazy way and totally 'get' each other, it's really cool!

Abby is my hero for many reasons, here are just a few.......

1. She is an amazing nurse
2. She is the only one in our family to get a degree
3. She deep sea dives (and nearly died doing it.)
4. She is an amazing Aunty
5. She moved to Saudi Arabia and survived there alone for a whole year!
6. She sings and writes music
7. She wants to be a spy or a sniper or in the army!
8. She snowboards
9. She is always true to herself
10. She is loyal

It goes without saying she is the best sister a girl could hope for.
I can't wait to see her in March 2011!!!



  1. lucky you, i have only a brother who as long as i am well has no further interest in me, sad but true. oh to have a sister such as this...

  2. Your sister sounds like such fun! Sisters are the best. I have 2, they're my best friends :O)
    My youngest sister (who I'm closest to) has just announced that she is moving to LA in April with her husband and her 3 girls :O(
    Have a fab weekend. x

  3. That's a really lovely post! A great tribute to your sister, I bet she loves it ;-) Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x

  4. Wow, your sister sounds sooo cool! Lucky you.

  5. the Abstar totally rocks!

    That is one of the best things about coming back to NZ, now my sister is one of my besties :) loving it.


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