Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Getting organised

This week the papers, bills, letters, cards, pens, crayons, staplers and keys on our console table finally tipped my sanity over the edge!
Time to get organised.
I found some lovely sturdy boxes and got to work sorting and de-cluttering.

Another excuse to use my alphabet stamps - oh yeah!

I found these great printed luggage tags at Paperchase.

Richard - your key collection is now above the oven! Ha!

Oh BTW did you see that package in my 'mail' box a few pics back? It's from Rust Jewelry!!! Pour Moi? I think so!

In other news......Richard made me this fabulous shelf!
It's perfecto for my vintage bread and flour tins and leaves the bench clear of clutter.

Our poor old tree has been consigned to the garden as it was dying at a rapid rate.
So here is my Christmas tree take two! (Fake it til you make it.)

Is anyone else obsessed with red berries right now? I love these so much and want them in every room in the house!

That's all from me for now.
Nite nite.



  1. loving it all, my fav has to be the new shelf, well done Riccardo; I'm very much loving your bread tins and the gorgy striped jug, tell me more about that!? xx

  2. Jug is Cornishware. I am collecting now! You normally see the blue and white stripe but the pale green is rarer and more valuable. Glad you like. xxx


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