Sunday, 26 December 2010

Presents, pies & persistant coughs

Hello dears.
Hoping your Christmas was as fun and special as mine this year?!
I was so spoilt with my pressies. (See below!)

I was most excited to open a little box from Rust Jewelry and find this quill necklace with a wee pearl. It's so pretty, thanks Ricardo!

Aren't the Rob Ryan plates brill??! (Thanks H & A.)
Mum and Dad spoilt me with a new Le Creuset and a book which I am already obsessed with!
The best pressie though was having my little family, my parents and a few very special friends to share the day with.

This year Richard was in charge of ordering the turkey.
One thing you need to know about my husband - he will always up size. BIG is apparently GOOD.
Which might explain why he came home with a 7 kg turkey!
Now our fridge is heaving with the leftovers.

Day 1.
Turkey leftovers become........

Turkey & Stilton Pie.

Complete with I *heart* MUM xxx (Thanks Max!)

It went down a treat with leftover red cabbage, potatoes and peas.

Well, I'm off to bed. We are sleeping in with Max at the mo, as the parents are staying, and the poor little man has croup! I am hoping for a little more sleep than we got last night!!


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  1. WOW you did do very well darling, nice work Ricardo on the Rust, they are seriously talented, I LOVE your piece :) xxx


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