Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Junkaholic Junky

Good evening to one and all.
How are these last days before Christmas going?
I am so chilled out. ASTONISHING! Well I did just treat myself to a massage today and then came home and fell asleep for three hours. These are the wonderful things you can do when your parents come to stay and they insist on looking after your crazy toddler!
Max is OBSESSED with his Grandpa. Oh my! How will I break it to him when G'Pa has to go? Not looking forward to that!
Speaking of obsessions, and in the nicest possible way, I am kinda obsessed with this blog - Tales of a Junkaholic.
Please, please, please check it out.
I wish I had just a pinch of Artemis' creativity, energy and style!

Here are a few pics of what's happening in the life of this Junkaholic.....

All images Artemis Russell via Tales of a Junkaholic



  1. Hej Jo

    Ohhhh that sounds wonderful, a massage, and a well deserved one! You have to be kind to yourself ;-) And thank the Lord for wonderful parents who look after our young ones...
    How exciting you're going to come to Sweden...?
    And all the Swedishness in your family.
    Isn't it just a wonderful blog?
    I LOVE your blog too, you always inspire, you are soo creative and I don't know how you do it with a little one.
    Anyway stay chilled and Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Julie & Co

  2. Awww, thats so nice. Grandparents are the best!

    Have an AMAzing Christmas in the snow :-)


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