Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pale moon light

These images seem to have been kissed by the pale moonlight......
Max and I spent a good 20 minutes staring at the full moon tonight.
He was trying to jump up and grab it, so cute!

Just looking at these photographs makes me feel serene.......ahhhhhhhh.


  1. Hej Jo

    Isn't the Moon just magical!
    Even more exciting and magical seen through the eyes of a child...

    I remember when I was a child my father's mother making me stand in the garden and turn an and old sixpence which was worth about 21/2pence in old money(showing my age now) over in the palm of my hand and make a wish!

    Your images on this post are magical too!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. love the faded crysanths shot and gotta say i love hugh too! and i like his quirky scruff style, it's honest...

  3. They are indeed very serene pictures... beautiful. Great choice. Love from South of the River xo

  4. gorgeous pics.. and what a lovely moon it was.. dee dee likes it very much too.. wishing on it is even better. think you really need to see some of this gorgeous stuff at St Judes gallery..
    they do rob ryan stuff too.
    divine :)
    love and happiness to you. see you soon xx


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