Thursday, 17 March 2011

A pretty pastel Easter

Today the 'husbandage' (bandaged up husband) confirmed flights for a trip over Easter.
He is crewing for a yacht race with a few mates from Hong Kong to the Philippines.
I think it is really nice for him to have this to focus on. He now has a goal to work towards once his leg cast comes off. He knows he has to be 100% for the race.
The down side is that Max and I will be loners over Easter. Boohoo.
Never mind, I still want to make it really special for Max. Do my little crafty things I love to do and have an Easter egg hunt in the garden.
Easter is special. Easter is HOPE. Easter is NEW BEGINNINGS. I think we all need a bit of that right about now.....



  1. Great pics!

    Yes I think Easter is quite a special time for many reasons. My bears love to do an Easter egg hunt in the garden. They are getting older but still love it!

    Have a super duper weekend!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Hej Jo

    Ooh lovely eye candy.
    I LOVE the little knitted Easter egg, did you make this Jo? or Do you know where you can buy them? Pattern from? Would love to have a go at making these...
    Easter Egg teenage boys still expect us to do it LOL! They are never too old...I guess it's what we have always done...they still have stockings at Christmas
    EASTER ... new life...and Hope

  3. wow I love all the Easter effort! I too will be all alone and have NO idea what I'm going to do yet.. an Easter egg hut for one sounds a little dull! amd going to have to try and find some friends!


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