Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wardrobe Detox

This week I have been really inspired to take control of my crammed wardrobe.
Streamline, cleanse, pair down.....
It feels so good to pack away all the winter knits for another year.
I'm loving the look of the Spring/Summer fashion. So pretty, bright and fun.
My fav look - clashing florals and stripes.
Also, I am quite partial to a shirtdress right now.

So here's what I am down to:

2 x skirts
4 x pants
3 x jeans
3 x jackets
1 x coat
4 x dresses
5 x shirts
6 x tops
3 x cardigans

My post detox wardrobe!

The charity shop is gonna LOVE me!

I have decided to take Gok's advice and dress for my body type which is 'Pear'.
So that means nipping in the waist, working shoulder pads (eeccckkk!) and wearing a more fitted pant.
Since having Max I have been struggling to accept my post baby body. My tumtum will never be the same and my boobs have all but disappeared.
I have been living in slouchy, shapeless tops over jeans, thinking this would hide my figure flaws. Way too 'Mumsy'. No more! I may not be a size 10 any more but I do think I can work with what I have and ROCK it!

My new rules for clothes shopping are:

1. I will not go shopping with Max, EVER!
2. I will not buy clothes that just 'make do', I must really love and need them.
3. I will invest in a few classic, 'heritage' pieces.
4. I will keep my wardrobe to just 30 key pieces.
5. Accessories will be my new best friend.
6. I will embrace my 'pear' shape and dress it accordingly.
7. I will not buy fashiony items that don't suit me.
8. I will only buy shoes I can actually walk in.
9. I will dress my age. I'm not 22 any more, but I'm not 55 just yet!
10. I will purchase a full length mirror so I actually know what I look like before leaving the house!

This feels like the start of something good!


  1. OMG I die for this POST!!!!


    Think your inspiring, need to take NOTES!!!!! What do you do just take the stuff to charity shop aye, ok ok ok I need to do this ASAP! I have a million t shirts though - oh goodness!!!

    Scared but SO needed on my part!!!!

    Love your you won't do's anymore!!!!


  2. Yay! Thanks Nae! It's defo worth doing. I feel like I can look in my wardrobe and see easily what I want to wear and I know all the clothes in there fit me and look good. Winner!


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