Monday, 14 November 2011

Charmed I'm sure!

Okay, okay, okay.
I may just have found the perfect gift for the special women in your lives.
Guys listen up!
What could be sweeter than a completely individual and personal charming charm necklace?
As usual Anthropologie have nailed it with these babies.
The idea is you choose a chain, (from memory there were 5 different styles) priced at a very reasonable £14. Then you add whichever charms (all £12 each) take your fancy.
All the charms have that 'found at a flea market' feel about them.
Likey likey!



  1. I can't go near Anthropologie for fear of going wild with my cash ;-) These are great though and I'd love to maybe just have the feather on a long leather string. Thanks for making me want to browse their "dangerous" website ;-) Hope you have a good week xo

  2. I know Carole! I spent £60 there and realised I had come away with essentially a reel of string and a few Christmas decorations! How did that happen!?


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