Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Winter project - Tapestry

I have decided to make one of these fab tapestry cushions designed by Emily Peacock.
But how to choose, how to choose!?
This is the PERFECT crafty project to take me through winter. Something I can have on hand, which does not make a mess and can be put away from busy little hands at a moments notice.
I am pretty sold on 'KISS' or maybe the 'HOPE' anchor.
Do you have a favourite?



  1. Hej Jo
    I'm with you on the KISS definitely.
    BUT I do like the circular cushion with it's fab saying...I think it would take me a life time to sew that!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your tapestry

  2. The KISS one!!! Definitely! Though they're all pretty cool and the perfect relaxing winter project. Have fun! xo

  3. I'd be going with the 'kiss' one too. It has such a carnival happiness to it. Did you watch Kirstie's Homemade Home last year? I think it is a similar cushion to the one that was featured. It would certainly put a smile on my dial and it gets my vote!
    Jo :)

  4. Hi guys! Thanks for your comments. I have decided to do one of the carnival letters for Max's room. It's a bit smaller than the 'KISS' if it goes well I will do that one after.
    Jo - yes I watched and loved that show. Watching her new show at the moment, still good but not quite as good as the last one!


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