Friday, 11 November 2011

Dummy Wars!

Oh man! Oh man, oh man, oh man!
What a morning.
My son is seriously addicted to his dummies and I am at a loss.
He is like a drug addict needing a fix!
He wails like a banshee if I attempt to hide them.
I have tried cold turkey but it is just too hard. I crack after the first 3 hours of screaming and pleading.
Dear readers, can any of you offer me advice here?!
I am putting it out there right now - I have to get Max off these hideous things before baby two comes along. And NO DUMMY for baby two.
My Mum threw my brothers dummy into the fire in front of him when he was three and he still talks about it like he is scarred for life (he is now 35!!!)
Not sure if I am ready for such drastic measures?????



  1. When my daughter was three and we had another on the way , we went through the same struggle with the dummy. We decided that she could suck on it as much as she wanted but only if she was in her bed.So every morning we made a big deal of putting it in her bedside drawer and it gave her the power to use it as needed.Eventually she went in to her room less and less because she didn't want to be away from everyone but it was her choice so there wasn't any nagging or crying. It wasn't instantaneous but she stopped using it within 2 or 3 weeks. Good luck!

  2. Like Jacqueline, we've limited the dummy to the bedroom as much as possible. She just hands it over when she wakes up in the morning and we put it on her nightstand. If she gets upset during the day, I ask her if she wants to go take a break in her bedroom and lay on her bed and suck her pacifier. Sometimes a 10 minute break is all she needs and she's willing to re-enter society sans pacifier.


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