Friday, 24 February 2012

I don't want to be a 'mummy blogger' but.....

It's kinda where my head is at right now!

Things which have happened that have blown my mind so far:

1. I didn't think I could have the capacity to love my little family more, but along comes Finn and - BOOM! My heart is blown wide open again and I have love flowing over the edges of my (coffee) cup!
(This must be why people have more & more & more children me thinks. More little darlings = more love = Cool.)

2. I am much more confident this time around. I remember like it was yesterday having Max. Waiting outside the midwifes clinic, my head buzzing with a million questions. Was Max a challenging baby or was I just unprepared for what it took to be a Mum? Either way I went through the fire and came out the other side. I just need to look at Max to know - I can do this.

3. My husband is BRILLIANT and the little things we scrap about mean nothing in the big picture because he has my back.

Today is another milestone.
Finn is 6 weeks old today & I am allowed to drive again! Woopwoop!



  1. YAY Jo you rock darlin' so lovely to hear you sounding so confident :) xxx

  2. Soak it up Momma - you earned it! Nothin' wrong with being a Mommy Blogger...Huge hugs, B x


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