Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today I am finding the going a bit tough.
I feel like I have a lot of balls up in the air right now.
I always feel like I can cope as long as everything stays as it is.
If the poop should hit the fan I don't really have a safety net.
No back up plan.

The things I am finding tough are (in no particular order):

1. Max is super needy at the moment.
He needs 200% of my attention at all times. It's exhausting!
Do any of my readers have advice on dealing with 'number 1' when 'number 2' comes along?

2. Feeding through the night with Finn, every hour or so some nights, means sleep depravation and a grumpy Mummy. (Please note: he is super cute and makes feeding through the night a pleasure BUT some sleep would be nice!)

3. I reeeeeeeally want to get my hair done, but this will not be possible until Finn is in more of a routine, so I look about 100 years old right now!

4. My back is sore again ooowwwwww!

5. My family are all a 24 hour plane trip away boo!

On the up side, I got one of my 'jobs' done yesterday. I took Finn to get his passport photo taken. How do you make a three week old look at the camera with a neutral expression and eyes open??!!! It was difficult I can tell ya, but after a lot of tickling and blowing cold air on his face we managed it! Hooray! Another step closer to getting on that plane and getting outta here! (To NZ for my sisters wedding.)

Anyway.......I am fine really, just a bit stretched but we will get there.
Thanks for listening.



  1. I feel you're pain!! I have a 2 and a half year old and a 5 month old!! I found that a special box, for my eldest, that only came out when my youngest was feeding, was a huge help in the beginning! Filled with stickers, special toys, colouring books etc, the box kept him entertained, whilst I had my hands full, and made feeding special for all of us! Nap time for baby also meant one to one time for me and the toddler where we would do special things like bake a cake (those, 'just add an egg' cake mixes were great - perhaps not the best nutritionally, but it was quick, simple, fairly mess free and still great fun!) You just have to remember, you can't split yourself in two, and give yourself some time for everyone to get used to the changes that come with a new addition to the family!! And fingers crossed you can get your haircut soon!! Sometimes even going to the loo on your own can be impossible can't it!!!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I so appreciate your comment. Great idea having a special box. Jo xx

  3. Oh you poor thing! I know it can be really difficult until things settle down. I don't really have any useful advice- it's been 10 years and seems like a lifetime ago. However, I do think that some things have to give. I chose to bottle feed Eva (I breast fed both the others) because I knew I couldn't look after a very active 18month old and breast feed properly - plus it gave me some sleep at night. I'm not suggesting you do that (I still feel guilty about not breast feeding Eva! Although she's perfectly healthy) But I do think you have to do what keeps you sane. And that haircut needs to happen - get hubby to look after Max and take Finn with you, you can feed him under your hairdressers cape if you have to! You'll feel so much better if you do. Looking forward to pics of NZ and your sisters wedding ;o)
    Heaps of supportive cyber hugs, B xxx

  4. Thank you Bex! I have been seriously debating whether to give up breast feeding with Finn. It is my biggest stress at the moment! I was bottle fed as were my sis and bro and we are okay! Why is there so much pressure on Mums to do this???! Will give it serious consideration.
    Thanks for you cyber support. Means a lot to me!


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