Sunday, 19 February 2012

Postpartum Tumtum

6 weeks postpartum, ho hum still have a big tum.
I now know there is a reason why I still look 5 months preggo.
I have an umbilical hernia + serious muscle separation!
I have to have an operation to sort it out!
This will involve 5 nights stay in hospital!
Having these babies sure puts your body under serious strain. (Still worth it though!)
So I have been doing a bit of casual shopping, trying to find clothes that hide my deformed shape.
I am happy to say GAP & Monsoon (good ol high street) have come through with awesome peasant blousey type tops which are doing the trick.
I also managed to get to the hairdresser yesterday, although I am not so sure about the outcome! I now have a proper fringe or bangs - eck! Richard says it makes me look younger. (Yes, I do remember having this exact haircut when I was 17!)
Oh well!


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  1. Oh you poor thing. I hope your tummy gets sorted soon. Hey, no fair, I want to see your new haircut! x


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