Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fun with paper and blu-tack!

Thanks to my style guru, Sibella Court's excellent suggestion, I have embraced decorating with paper and blu-tack.
I must say I am pretty pleased with the results!

Boring bedroom is now.......woody wonderland!

Dead wall space is now......paper art!

Wrapping paper brightens up a boring wall.

Yup, I could get a bit carried away with this idea!


  1. Your amazing!!! Love the WOOD theme!!! We'll go to Society Inc when you come to sydney one day xx

    I'm waiting for her Stylists Guide to NYC it's due out 1st MAY!!!!!!

    I have the blue subway paper - YAY!!!!! Study it hehe

    Love your work yet again xx

  2. Brilliant idea - yep, got the book too ;-) I hope your little one is feeling better and it isn't a chocolate allergy - that would be awful... xo

  3. love it Jeaux, what a clever idea for renters to personalise!


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