Friday, 29 April 2011

That Dress

My darling friend Amber, who has done many a face of wedding make up (including mine), commented 'I wonder what time Kate will have to be out of bed to get all that hair and make up done?"

Honey, I don't think her head would have had a chance to hit the pillow!

So we are all waiting, waiting, waiting. Glued to the TV. All we wanna see is The Dress.

My money is on a variation of the now famous blue dress Kate wore for the engagement interview. I'm thinking three quarter sleeves, plunging V neck, fitted through the body and flaring out at the hip. Subtle detail, classic lines. Perfect for our girl Kate.

Oh, and the other big up or down?

Yah, you can see I am a bit obsessed!


P.S. Over the moon to be living in London at times like this!

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  1. I think you were almost spot on with the dress darling, well done!


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